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Is Your Life How You Want It To Be?

As kids we often dream about the many things we will do when we grow up. These fantasies may involve becoming a fireman, embarking on perilous adventures, or becoming a sports hero.

The years pass quickly and as we get older, we may look around and think, “What am I doing with my life?” 

The fortunate thing about life is that you have the power to change, the ability to pivot, you hold the ultimate control.

You have the power to acknowledge your current situation and take decisive steps towards securing your desired future. 

If you want to make a beneficial change to how your life is going, consider these questions that can hopefully lead you to self-discovery.  

1. Are You Using Your Full Potential?

As a child, jobs were seen as a fulfillment of purpose. You wanted to have fun while making a contribution to society. When bills and obligations occur, that initial ambition is pushed aside. You may find yourself working in a dead-end job simply to stay above water.

Although respectable, are you using your potential to the fullest? Sure, your responsibilities may be taken care of, but are you happy?

Analyze your current position and think of ways to improve so that you are challenging yourself. 

2. Needs Being Met?

Abraham Maslow outlined a complex order of needs that are universal for each person. When these needs aren’t met, we experience sudden anxiety or even repressed emotions. There is a solid reason behind why we have certain physical and emotional needs. For example, imagine going a day without eating, your body will begin to grow weak.

This same deprivation when applied to our emotional needs can lead to overall weakness. Usually, this occurs in our interpersonal relationships. If you feel as though your needs are being ignored, acknowledge that. If your loved one seems to disregard your opinion when it comes to important matters, kindly voice your feelings.

Freely express what you need from others and learn how to do it in a diplomatic manner.

3. Are Your Choices Uplifting or Draining You?

Often times we can create a routine of behavior that leaves us feeling drained without even realizing it. If you experience irritability, fatigue, and an overall disdain for the activities you feel obligated to participate in, you are draining your energy.

Choose inspiration over obligation so as to create the life you deserve.

This can be done by:

  • Eliminating toxic people and associates. 
  • Making a total career change, starting your own gig.
  • Saying yes to new experiences and people.
  • Creatively expanding your horizon 

4. Do You Have A Personal Wellness Routine?

The demands of everyday life can seem perilous. In order to combat these negative feelings, develop a self-care routine that will revitalize your energy.

Engage in meditation, journaling, physical activity, make sure to choose a nutritious diet made up of whole foods, and take care of yourself physically.

By taking the extra time to detox your mind and participate in an activity that you enjoy, you are giving yourself a much needed break. In addition, creating a routine for yourself establishes stability. You will feel more responsible, organized, and ready for opportunity.

Life can often times leave us feeling drained, unhappy, and unfulfilled. When this happens, take the necessary steps towards creating your life.

Cultivate a sense of patience and enjoy the journey. You will soon see the benefits of your hard work through living a happy and purposeful life.


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