Mar 03

The Ultimate Factor To Your Success – Do You Know What It Is?

By Rob Witty | Success

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful over and over again, while other people just can’t seem to catch a break?

You can take two people; give them the same skills, the same opportunities and ensure that everything is equal between them, and one person might succeed while the other fails.

One person sees that someone they know or admire is becoming successful by doing A, B and C, so they will try to replicate that person’s results by also doing A, B and C. But does that guarantee that they will have the same success? Almost never; so, what is the difference?

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Mar 03

Welcome to the Entrepreneur’s Journey

By Rob Witty | Success

It is so good to have you here!

Success is a journey, not a destination..

The entrepreneurial industry is one that attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. Everyone wants to own their own business. Everyone wants to reap the rewards that come with independent success which include financial freedom, more time to spend with your family and the ability to work for yourself rather than someone else.

But becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy 🙂

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