Hi, my name is Rob Witty and my purpose is all about inspiring others to take that first bite into life, to experience the excitement and the thrill of stepping out, going for it… no matter who you are, no matter how young or old, no matter what you were lead to believe growing up. In whatever way I can, I am here to coach and share ideas with you, to help you discover how truly great your life can be.

Earlier in life, I somehow developed the notion that I was just a normal guy… not particularly talented, artistic, or creative. Yet, I knew if I just followed that map, my life was destined to be good. Secretly, I wanted it to be great.

Your time is limited so don't waste it...

I was hungry for something different. I wanted to take a bite and experience life!

My generation had developed a certain restlessness and dissatisfaction with all things related to the Establishment. Many of the kids and young adults resigned to dropping out, leaving the socio-political trappings of the times, and attempting to escape it all. I couldn’t resist. This was my chance to redraft the map that bound me, to step out and take a risk by leaving my good life behind in search of something great.

I spent the next five years traveling on my own and living in different countries. The language barrier in South America, Africa, the Middle East and India should have hindered me, but awakened me instead. With no one there to interpret for me, I learned to communicate through adventure, self reliance, and a form of self expression that is nonverbal. It’s universal and lies deep within us all. Gradually, I became conversant and then fluent in the beautiful language of self empowerment.

Eventually, my travels lead me back home. I was blessed with the opportunity to establish and pastor a church. For twelve years, I enjoyed the privilege of helping others become empowered by realizing who they really are. Like an interpreter, I helped them speak the new language I had learned. I showed them how to turn the goodness of their life into greatness!

When we actively take steps to design our lives, we are creating. My creativity led me to develop a new career. Not just a good one, but a great one. I became an entrepreneur and started my own company.

Together, let’s consider where your creativity can lead you… Connect with me here >>>

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